Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sewing/Craft Room

I am so excited! I got my sewing/craft room done yesterday. I got the big table in there and somethings already in there. I don't have it "organized" quite yet. But I will get it done. It is done in Precious Moments and the room is light green and yellow. It will also be my "mellow" out room! Which will be awesome when I need 5 mins to myself.

My husband is working out of town this week. He is so sweet and sent me a box and yesterday. That I almost didn't open because there wasn't a return address and I wasn't expecting anything. After I set the box aside I walked by and realized it was his handwriting! So, I opened it and it was a beautiful Hallmark scrapbook. I cannot wait to get started in filling it up!

I will post pictures soon of my new room and my Scrapbook.

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