Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sewing/Craft Room

I am so excited! I got my sewing/craft room done yesterday. I got the big table in there and somethings already in there. I don't have it "organized" quite yet. But I will get it done. It is done in Precious Moments and the room is light green and yellow. It will also be my "mellow" out room! Which will be awesome when I need 5 mins to myself.

My husband is working out of town this week. He is so sweet and sent me a box and yesterday. That I almost didn't open because there wasn't a return address and I wasn't expecting anything. After I set the box aside I walked by and realized it was his handwriting! So, I opened it and it was a beautiful Hallmark scrapbook. I cannot wait to get started in filling it up!

I will post pictures soon of my new room and my Scrapbook.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making changes

Wow! God has really been working on me lately! And I must say...I LOVE IT... I have had a lot of anger built up due to not being able to do the things I thought was important. I have figured out, with God's guidance, that I was wrong. Now, I know that my place is to be at home, taking care of my husband, children, and our home. I have a peace in my heart that I don't know if I've ever had. I am so happy. All I want to do is bake and dote on my husband and children (I'm wondering if DH thinks I've lost my marbles yet, but he hasn't said anything,lol). I'm baking, cooking, gardening, playing with my children, and acting like a school girl with a crush on DH (LOL) and you know what my house is CLEAN!!! I'm sitting here right now as one child plays with a toy drum and another watches tv to unwind a little bit, one child is mowing his great grandfathers yard and my 2 girls went for a walk thru our branch. And my house looks so good. I'm back to fixing 3 meals a day (now bc I want to, not bc it's expected of me). I am working with Hawk on his speech. We are reading at least 6 books a day, someitmes more. I'm able to read books myself...I read a while book yesterday and went shopping for the little ones Fall and Winter clothes. I'm so much more at peace now, then I've ever been, who made me see the light? The ladies in Susie Homemaker (a cafemom group) got it started in me. I kept talking to God about how many things I wanted to change and then while watching Joyce Meyer God spoke to me thru her..... The world won't change the way you want it to, you are the only one that can change..... Wow!! That made me realize that I had the control over if I had a good day or not. If I got up smiling and making my children breakfast or if I got up wanting to bite everyones head off! God is great and he wants us all to have a merry heart and it is the way we THINK that makes a difference in a merry heart or a heart of stone!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My new cleaning schedule.

I finally got my cleaning schedule down I think

Monday- boys room and remove pet hair from furniture and febreeze
Tuesday- laundry room and mop all the floors
Wednesday-master bedroom and bathroom and fans in both livingrooms
Thursday- my office and under and behind all furniture
Friday- poarches and declutter
Saturday- clean out fridge and wipe down cabniets

My oldest three rotate the chores of kitchen/dishwasher, sweep/trash, and dust/vacumn daily.
My 3 year old helps me clean on the days that he can and on Saturday we go around and he cleans everything that needs to be cleaned with windex

My laundry schedule is
Sunday- towles from master bathroom
Tuesday- dark colors
Wednesday- towels from kids bathroom
Thursday- light colors
Friday- whites
Saturday- bedding

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hawk is 3 today

Wow! It doesn't seem like 3 years ago I gave birth to my beautiful little indianbaby. Hawk is 3 today, and although he is still in bed I am fixing to make him biscuits and gravy for breakfast and wake him up with lots of kisses (I would wake him every morning like that as I do Curt, but Hawk just isn't a morning person- but I'm hoping he doesn't mind as today is as special for him as it is for me. You see I didn't think I would be able to carry children. Due to lots of complications and a severe case of hypothyroidism that got way out of hand before it got better. However, my life long dream was to be a mom and I was content being a stepmom and mom of 1 if that was all I was able to have. Then God gave me my second son in April of '08, but today is the day that I thought could never happen and so it is so special and dear to me.

I feel very anxious lately. I think it is because of quitting the church. I hope to try out a new one that we have been invited to (that my kids attend for their Youth group) and I hope that it is the one God wants us at, however I will not settle at one untill I know it's where He wants us at this time. I have never felt right at my DHs grandfathers church, but continued to go for him. However, after someone was very ugly to my baby I decided I had had enough. I even blamed it on our Southern Baptist religion, but after lots of prayers and talking to other SB friends I realize I was wrong to blame our religion and realize there are personal reasons this woman is ugly to my children, but instead of coming to me as an adult (not that I can change her problem) she takes it out on my children and I have a major problem with that, but instead of creating drama that would surely start if I said anything about this issue I have decided to just leave the church that I have never felt right at anyway.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A little about what I'll write on

Honestly, it will be about a little of everything. As I am a 25 y/0 mother of 5, going back to school herself. I plan to write about my family, my home (and getting it organized), my intent to learn to sew, and going back to school this time being a mom myself., my vegatable garden which I grew for the first time this year but will do so every year and learning to can and put this stuff up for the winter months when we can't get reasonable priced fresh veggies,. I will also write on my love of photography. I am a proud Christian and I know that thru Christ I can be the wife and mother He created me to be.