Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My new cleaning schedule.

I finally got my cleaning schedule down I think

Monday- boys room and remove pet hair from furniture and febreeze
Tuesday- laundry room and mop all the floors
Wednesday-master bedroom and bathroom and fans in both livingrooms
Thursday- my office and under and behind all furniture
Friday- poarches and declutter
Saturday- clean out fridge and wipe down cabniets

My oldest three rotate the chores of kitchen/dishwasher, sweep/trash, and dust/vacumn daily.
My 3 year old helps me clean on the days that he can and on Saturday we go around and he cleans everything that needs to be cleaned with windex

My laundry schedule is
Sunday- towles from master bathroom
Tuesday- dark colors
Wednesday- towels from kids bathroom
Thursday- light colors
Friday- whites
Saturday- bedding

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