Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making changes

Wow! God has really been working on me lately! And I must say...I LOVE IT... I have had a lot of anger built up due to not being able to do the things I thought was important. I have figured out, with God's guidance, that I was wrong. Now, I know that my place is to be at home, taking care of my husband, children, and our home. I have a peace in my heart that I don't know if I've ever had. I am so happy. All I want to do is bake and dote on my husband and children (I'm wondering if DH thinks I've lost my marbles yet, but he hasn't said anything,lol). I'm baking, cooking, gardening, playing with my children, and acting like a school girl with a crush on DH (LOL) and you know what my house is CLEAN!!! I'm sitting here right now as one child plays with a toy drum and another watches tv to unwind a little bit, one child is mowing his great grandfathers yard and my 2 girls went for a walk thru our branch. And my house looks so good. I'm back to fixing 3 meals a day (now bc I want to, not bc it's expected of me). I am working with Hawk on his speech. We are reading at least 6 books a day, someitmes more. I'm able to read books myself...I read a while book yesterday and went shopping for the little ones Fall and Winter clothes. I'm so much more at peace now, then I've ever been, who made me see the light? The ladies in Susie Homemaker (a cafemom group) got it started in me. I kept talking to God about how many things I wanted to change and then while watching Joyce Meyer God spoke to me thru her..... The world won't change the way you want it to, you are the only one that can change..... Wow!! That made me realize that I had the control over if I had a good day or not. If I got up smiling and making my children breakfast or if I got up wanting to bite everyones head off! God is great and he wants us all to have a merry heart and it is the way we THINK that makes a difference in a merry heart or a heart of stone!

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