Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swine Flu

I have been sick sense Monay, my youngest sense Thursday and my 3 y/o sense Friday. We had decided we had a stomach bug. Yesterday mornig was probably the scariest morning of my "mom" life. Hawk got up and I coud instantly tell her was having trouble breathing. After a look at his chest and stomach I realized he was retracting in the stomach and chest cavity. His respirations were 55 per minute and his heart beat so fast I could not even count it. I should have called for an ambulance but the EMT in me said "load and go", and that's what I done. We did make it to the ER in the next county, our local hospital is more like a bandaid station. THe Doctor and nurses at MRH were wonderful, set right to work on my baby boy and within about 15 minutes we could see improvement. I couldn't count is pulse at home, bc it was 197 beats per minute. The Dr. there was afraid he might go downhill, fast and so she sent us to Vanderbuilt Childrens Hopital. They got him breathing regularly by 7pm last night and sent us home, with medicine to help keep him breathing well and told me to keep doing what I have been he was hydrated really well and so we just neededrest, fluids, and the meds. This morning he is fever free, and running around playing. We are very blessed and very happy to be at home!!!

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