Friday, August 28, 2009

Sad & Scarey times

Oh so many things have happened.... the first being August 19, 2009 my cousin Mel was shot and killed by her estranged husband. He had beat her more than once in the past and she always went back. But this time, she was really done. She got a restraining order and was gettng her life back on track. Ha her own apartment and was just really doing well. He walked up in te middle of the afternoon and shot her as she drove her car (but had stopped when she seen him). He then turned the gun on himself. He died several hours later, she didn't die immediately but soon after the shot. Nine days later and I still can't understand what was ging on in his head and why he would shoot her. I've been told it was love, my reply was if that's love, I'm scared of it and don' twant it PERIOD!!! But I know it's not love. And God is helping me to teach my children that this isn't love and they deserve TRUE LOVE, not jelous love.

A week ago tonight my father in law was bit by a copper head twice. My MIL wasn't home and my SIL took him to our local band aid station before anyone was notified As an EMT this really irked me. He should have been in an ambulance that took him over the hill to meet the chopper and then flown to Vandy. But he was finally transported to another hospital (a little higher upgrade, but not as much as was needed in my professional opinion, but he screwed up and told them thats where his Dr was before I got there). But, I am happy to say that after days in the hospital, anti venom, and scarng the daylights out of all of us. He is back to his ol' self again, with a slight limp (the kids tell me). And he told me on the phone he is going back to work on Monday.

Well, my teens have decided to come back out of public school and go back homeschooled!! Oh my heart is filled with joy over this. I am sad to say that our school system, well.....SUCKS!! There really isn't a nicer way to say it. So, I have to start lesson plans this weekend, which reminds me my peschooler has open house on Sunday. He will attend 2 days a week 3 hours a day just so he is around children his own age, bc he is 3 going on 13 and driving me insane, lol!!!

Well, I think I have wrote enough for today and I will try to write more often. I'm trying to figure out some sory of schedule here!!! I hope everyone is ready for Fall. Oh I have so many activitesplanned I can't wait to share them with you!!!

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  1. oh my goodness gracious!! i am so sorry for what you have been going through...i am sure praying for you and your family..that is traumatic! That was not love..that was obsessiveness!! love is unselfish!
    yay for the kids wanting to homeschool..i can tell your excited...woo hoo
    little man needs to be around kids his age..and give his momma a break!!
    love your blog!!