Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Days

Sorry ladies! I promise I am coming back to blogging. However, we have been decorating for Christmas and I was on a hunt (that ended yesterday) for THE gift for Curt. Then yesterday my momma had surgery and had some complications. They didn't let her wake up last night, as soon as DH is out of the shower I'm heading the hospital. I wasn't suppose to go till 8 but after being up every hour on the hour I figure there is no reason to wait. I want to be there with my momma.
I also ordered a new speech cirriculum to work with the boys on. They've been evaluated an they say they are fine,  but I still worry so I figure this program can't hurt anything, just make me feel better knowing I'm doing all I can for my boys education.
Please pray for my momma I'm fixing to walk out the door.

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